We are so grateful that we can once again worship together on Sunday mornings. We are sending out a loving invite for all to gather together again on Sunday mornings for worship.

This is an exciting time of change. We will be providing two Sunday morning worship services at New Life at 9am and at 11am. Click here for more information about attending.

We also realize that for some it will be difficult to come back for in person worship and for them the online worship service is important. There are people who are shut ins, out of town, on vacation, or those who do not feel comfortable coming back to in person worship yet. We want to be sure we stay connected with the entire New Life family and friends so we will continue providing online worship services along with the onsite services into the future.

We are learning how to improve the worship experience online and we want to let you know of a new approach to worshipping online that we will be moving to. This new approach is more ministry focused and brings engagement during the worship service. It’s called New Life Online.

Current Online Worship

The existing way we have been worshipping online is on YouTube. Our ministry staff pre-records the worship service mid-week and then we watch it on YouTube after it’s published on Sunday morning. This approached has worked but we noticed there are some shortcomings. We didn’t know who was worshipping with us. We missed being able to check in with people and pray with people at the worship services and know what their needs were. We missed being able to connect people to ministry opportunities during the service.

How It Will Work

We feel New Life Online will be more interactive and more participative.  It will be our online campus that we are adding to New Life ministries. The worship service live-stream will show but there will be a pastor or trained elder logged into a chat area. You will be able to interact with one of our pastors, pray with them, make comments during the service, give and connect with ministry opportunities during the service. It will no longer be just you or family watching the service, you will be with others online and can worship together in community hosted by a pastor.

New Life Online will start at 11am on Sunday mornings. We will add more online services as the need is there or change the start time as we hear from you what is best. We are learning.

We will also be shifting from providing pre-recorded worship services to showing what is happening live in the auditorium during Sunday am in person worship services. This is called live-streaming. We will be video streaming live what is happening during a worship service on Sunday am at New Life to those who are online on New Life Online. This will begin on Sunday, July 4.

This live-stream will be saved as a video and available later to view on our YouTube channel. We will make this video available as an “on demand” option so you can watch it later during the week.

  • Pastor Mike



NEW LIFE ONLINE CHURCH   We are adding an online campus to New Life ministries!  Since adapting to the restrictions within a pandemic, we realize there are people who still will be unable to return to in-person gatherings for health or geographic reasons.  We are now prepared to offer worship services and fellowship online.  We will continue to present our Sunday worship services virtually but on a more interactive and ministry focused platform. The worship service live-stream will show and you will be able to interact with one of our pastors live, pray with them, make comments during the service, as well as give and connect with ministry opportunities during the service.  You will be able to access the online campus through our website, the same way you accessed these videos, these changes will be made on Sunday, July 4.