Membership at New Life Church

New Life Church is known as a safe place for people to discover or rediscover God and experience the life-transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have attendees and guests, but we also have members. Maybe you have asked, “Why membership?” As long as you profess Christ, what is the need for any further identification with a local church? Isn’t it enough simply to call yourself a Christian and attend worship services somewhere regularly? What is the point of membership?

1. Proclaiming the Gospel alone doesn’t make us a church.  What makes us a church is that we are a family. A community where people can know they belong and be solidly connected to each other. Membership is a way of becoming solidly connected. Membership clearly identifies our church family.

2. Membership defines who can be counted on. We live in an age where very few want to be committed to anything, whether a job, marriage, or country. Membership is an unselfish decision that builds character. It presents a challenge to “step out of the stands” and publicly affirm a commitment to Christ and to a specific local body. The decision to become a member of a local body should be a defining moment in one’s lifelong journey of faith.

Twice a year we hold a membership seminar called New Life Connects to introduce you to New Life Church. You will learn about how we do ministry, the history and vision of New Life Church, our central beliefs, and our understanding of Christian living. You will also discover opportunities for connection with and involvement in our community. New Life Connects is usually offered in the fall and spring, as a set of three session from 7:00–9:00pm on Monday or Thursday evenings. To find out when the next New Life Connects seminar will be held, please contact the church office. 

If you are transferring from another church we request that you participate in New Life Connects. If you indicate that you wish to be baptized or make a profession of faith to become a member arrangements will be made for that in the sessions. Childcare can be arranged for each session if required.


Sacraments are a visible, tangible means by which God makes himself known to humankind. When God reaches out to us, he reaches out with his love and grace and reveals himself and his salvation to his people. Find out how to pursue baptism at New Life Church below, or read more about how we view baptism and dedication.

Adult Baptism

New Life encourages people who have repented and found life in Jesus Christ to acknowledge it publicly.  If you’ve not been baptized before, you may ask to be baptized at New Life.  Usually this is done by adults when they become members in the church through New Life Connects. If you are interested in adult baptism, we encourage you to call or email the church office to join in a New Life Connects seminar or set up a time to discuss this with Pastor Nathan.

Youth Baptism

New Life will baptize or hear the profession of faith of any youth after they have been instructed through the youth ministry department. Profession of faith courses are offered regularly through the youth ministry, Switchlife. Contact the church office and ask about the next Profession of Faith course.

Infant Baptism

New Life will baptize or dedicate infants of church members. If you wish baptism or dedication for your infant or children at the time of becoming a member, please indicate that to the pastors leading the New Life Connects seminar. If you are already a member please contact the church office and set up a time to discuss this with Pastor Nathan. Baptisms/Dedications are normally scheduled for the third Sunday of the month. Read more about how New Life views baptism and dedication.