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No Wonder They Crucified Him

March 10 – April 7

When Jesus was on earth, crowds of people were drawn to him. Jesus gained a lot of attention and notoriety. He was known for his good teaching, for his miracles, and for the authority he demonstrated. Jesus impressed a lot of people! If Jesus was so popular, why is it that they killed him? Jesus is still popular today. Ask anybody, and they probably like Jesus. Following Jesus, though is different, much more annoying, and even leads us to sometimes do away with him. In this series we’ll take a look at some of the things Jesus said and taught. You will probably recognize in your own soul how popularity can easily turn to scorn. And then, realizing that, we will bend our hearts towards repentance and renewal.

New Life Easter Services

April 19 & 21

Join us in celebrating the resurrection! This Easter we have two services, the Good Friday Communion service is April 19 at 10am and our Easter Sunday Service on April 21 at 10am with a time of fellowship and refreshments to follow. For more information see our church calendar or contact the office

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