New Life Vine

New Life Vine (NLV) is the online community of New Life Church

Questions You May Have

What Is New Life Vine?
New Life Vine is the online community for New Life Church.  Nothing replaces face to face relationships but New Life Vine is a great place for you to easily share community with your friends at New Life Church when you are not meeting together.  It will help simplify how you communicate, connect and engage with others.

New Life Vine is a lot of groups – like the Life Group you are a part of, the ministry team you serve in, the group of people who you just went on a retreat with, the youth ministry you are a part of, or the class you are currently taking.  It’s a place to pray for others, sign up for a ministry, find serving opportunities, check out upcoming events, see your personalized church calendar, track your giving (coming) and more.

New Life Vine is where the information you provided to the church (for the phone directory, your membership records, contact info etc. )  is stored and now maintained by you.  When everyone has logged in and made sure their contact info is correct we can produce a hardcopy phone/picture directory.

Through New Life Vine, you can customize your privacy settings and communication preferences.  Want to receive information via email, text or twitter?  Prefer to receive no communications at all?  You choose.

When we considered an online program the security and privacy of our data was the highest concern and when we found church community builder we looked extensively at its security and privacy and we feel good about how secure and private the data is.

NLV is an online software program from Church Community Builder designed specifically for New Life Church.

How Do I Create A Login and Join NLV?
To join New Life Vine and create a login, visit our New Life Live login page and select “Click Here To Sign Up.”  Also, download the User Guide to get yourself familiar with the steps to get started on New Life Vine.
How Secure is New Life Vine?
Data security and privacy are important for any church management system, but it is a critical foundation for web-based solutions like New Life Vine. All of your information is safe and secure. Visit, to get all the details on what makes the New Life Vine software secure.
Can Anyone Join New Life Vine?
Anyone may request a login to New Life Vine. Based on the information provided, a New Life Church pastor will determine who receives a login and their level of access.
Who Can Update My Personal Information?
You or New LIfe Church staff when we get new information or when you give us permission. If you see something on your profile you do not want others to see, remember you have complete control over who sees your personal information through privacy settings.
Who Can See My Information?
Access to your information is completely based on the privacy settings you choose. Only New Life Church staff will have access to all of your information. Logged in users of New Life Church will be able to see the information you have made available based on the choices selected in your privacy settings.
What If I Don't Want To Join New Life Vine?
We highly encourage all adult attendees of New Life Church to join New Life Vine. New Life Vine is our online church community and it is how our church family interacts when we are not face to face. We don’t sell data, share information or let anyone outside of New Life Vine view the information within the secure sight.
Does My Spouse Need A Login?
Yes, each person needs a unique login so they can connect to their personal ministries, classes and groups.
How Do I Get My NLV Calendar To Appear On My Smartphone or Tablet?
You can set yourself up to receive the right information for your needs on the devices and calendar clients that you already use. Please follow this help document, HOW TO: Subscribe to Calendars in NLV
Is There An App For NLV?
There are two apps available for NLV.  One is for Group Leaders and you can search for Church Community Builder in your app store.  It has great features to interact with your groups.

The other option is that NLV has a mobile view.  You can go to on your mobile device then select Mobile View.  You can save that as a shortcut or as a bookmark for easier access.

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