KidsChurch (Grades 1 – 5)

KidsChurch is a fun, safe place for kids in Grades 1 to 5 to come to during part of our regular Sunday morning church services.

At New Life we value children as a part of our congregation and welcome them into the service to worship. After worship, the children are called forward for a blessing to continue their service downstairs in our KidsChurch room. In KidsChurch the children learn about God’s character through bible stories, prayer and offerings for our missionary partnership organizations. Each week will look slightly different as we pair a variety of themes with the messages. The children will have various opportunity to talk about the story with their leaders, play with their peers to establish community, and take part in crafts to take a piece of the story home.

Check-in and out
Before the service starts, kids come to the KidsChurch Booth in the lobby to check in. Your children will receive a sticker with their name and parents will be given a coordinating tag for check out. The children then will accompany you into the regular Sunday service. After the singing portion of the service is over grades 1-5 are dismissed and will head downstairs for KidsChurch. When you come for pick-up after the service, you will need to hand in the sticker that matches your child’s sticker before they can be released into your care.

Lords Supper
We believe that KidsChurch is a great place for our children to grow in their faith. We also feel they need to regularly experience that they belong to our larger expression of church community on Sundays. Therefore the Sunday services in which we take communion/Lords Supper are opportunities for us to embrace our children as full participants in our covenant community. On these Sundays our leadership team prepares to engage our children in as many ways as possible. These initiatives are an intentional effort to develop each child’s understanding that they belong not to a “Kids Club” in the basement of our church, but that they belong to an intergenerational “cradle to grave” community of faith.

Safe Children
During various season of the year communicable viruses and bacteria will affect our children. If your children are not well and exhibit signs of illness please keep your children with you or at home depending on the symptoms. All of our adult KidsChurch leaders have up to date Criminal Record Checks and we work to ensure that every measure is taken to keep your kids safe.

For more information about New Life’s KidsChurch ministry
or if you would like to serve as a helper, please contact the church office.