This is a time to come together, to be in prayer, and to renew our trust in God. We know so many of you have been impacted by the devastation to our city. This is heartbreaking for all of us. We want to come together to seek God in prayer on Sunday at 10 AM over zoom for our worship service. We will NOT be meeting in person this Sunday at the church building.

Below is the zoom link for Sunday at 10AM:
Meeting ID: 824 2629 0082

As of today, Friday, November 19, Delair road is under a evacuation order, which means we will not be hosting any events at the church until the order is lifted. We also have withstood some water damage in the basement of the church. Almost every part of the basement will need some kind of repair. A restoration company has already been in to evaluate and repair. We do not know how long the repairs will take. This means for the next little while our basement will be off limits. This coming Sunday we will be meeting together over zoom for our Sunday Service, NOT in person.

Please remain patient with us as we navigate this crisis. Please be ready to serve your neighbour when a need arises. We appreciate already the huge amount of support for the church family.