This past weekend, a group of women from our church headed out of town for a few days to our New Life women’s retreat. The retreat was a combination of two events – an overnight stay at Camp Alexander and also a Canada wide day conference called “Gather Rise” which was held in Surrey. Many amazing things happened. There were breakthroughs and healings (both emotional and physical). There were also words of destiny given and life long connections forged. Here are two brief testimonies from the time spent together:

– The women’s retreat and conference was beyond my expectations. The speakers were incredible but it was almost too much to take in. I think I was most blessed by living in community with 10 other ladies for two days, worshipping together, laughing, playing games, sharing, encouraging, crying, growing, learning, and seeking more of God together. Many of the ladies I only knew by name and brief encounters prior to the weekend. Others were close friends, but it didn’t matter. We were a community of women drawing closer to God and each other. Thank you God for women to do life with!

– What an overwhelmingly incredible day! This conference went way above and beyond what I was expecting. The speakers spoke straight to my heart, and there were so many major takeaways. All I have to say is WOW! God really showed up in major ways. When over 700 world changer women are gathered all in one room – it’s hard to even find words. My heart is so full and my soul is on fire. Back at the retreat center we spent time as a small group and the Lord did amazing things in our hearts. Love, grace and healing was found.

We are grateful for the work God did in the hearts of the ladies who attended the retreat. We pray that the seeds of faith that were planted will grow, and that the friendships that were made will strengthen and flourish.

Thank you Jesus. You are always faithful!