What We Believe

We invite you into a New Life. Come, learn with us how you can have a changed life, be part of a diverse community, and have a radical impact.


Touching Lives with the Transforming Love of Jesus

“Touching Lives:” As a church, Newlife aims to come along side of people in their spiritual journey, helping them see a better way in Jesus, His love and His salvation.

“Transforming Love:” To be filled with a transforming love means to celebrate how God has changed us, how He now sees us, and to continue to grow in relationship with Him.

“Love of Jesus:” The love of Jesus is God’s love brought to humanity through Christ. Because he extended His love to us, we will extending that love to others, and fulfill our calling to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


For God’s glory and honour, New Life will be a catalyst for a changed Life, a diverse community, and a radical impact.

“A Changed Life:” New Life will be a community that pursues a changed life that follows hard after the way of Jesus.  Members will be equipped to apply their faith in life’s challenging situations as they daily seek to commune with God in prayer and worship.

“A Diverse Community:” Everyone is valued by God.  Therefore, New Life Church is a community of people that will seek to enfold every person particularly with respect to age or ethnicity, reflecting the diversity of God’s world.

“A Radical Impact:” New Life will share the good news of Jesus to those who don’t know Him, bringing compassion, justice, and peace into this world.  Our influence will extend to individuals through mentoring for Christian leadership, and to neighbourhoods through partnering with others, locally, regionally, and globally.

Core Values

Sovereignty of God

God created all there is and He rules over it.  That means that our journey of faith involves every aspect of our lives, everyday. Ministry at New Life Church will reflect that our integration of faith and life.

Jesus is the Way

Believing in Jesus as the Son of God — who came down to earth in human form, died on the cross and rose three days later — is the one and only means to salvation and eternal life.

Experiencing the Holy Spirit

The mystery, power and awe of the Holy Spirit come alive when you live with Jesus. We celebrate and expect the Holy Spirit’s presence in our prayer life, in corporate worship, and in our journey of faith.

Authority of the Bible

The Bible is the revelation of God’s nature and His redemption plan for a sinful mankind. As such, we believe the Bible is different from any other book and it shapes and directs our whole life.

A Generous Spirit

God owns everything we have and gifts it to us to take care of. Whether money or abilities, whether time or all creation’s resources, we want to use it wisely, take care of it, and share with those who don’t have. In this way we will impact our neighbourhood and demonstrate what life in Christ is all about.

Freedom to be Bold

We love the freedom we have in Jesus. New Life Church encourages people to express themselves in creative ways that honor and glorify God, especially in corporate worship gatherings. We are bold to stretch and to risk for the sake of vibrant and creative ministry.

In Essentials We Believe . . .

As a Christian church we hold to the historic ecumenical creedal statements of Christian teaching as found in the following three documents:
The Apostles Creed, C. 250 AD
The Nicene Creed, 350 AD
The Athanasian Creed, c. 400 AD

As a Reformed Church we hold to the Reformed Confessions as found in the following four documents:
The Heidelberg Catechism,1563
The Belgic Confession, 1561
The Canons of Dort, 1618-19
The Contemporary Testimony, 1986