Calling all Superheroes, of ALL AGES!

…YEP that includes you who is reading this… don’t look around the room, I am speaking to you! Well now that I have your attention, may I ask “What is your Super Power?” We just finished the sermon series ‘How do I fit’, exploring your spiritual gift (for the purpose of this article) AKA your Super Power!
Have you thought … how can I use my super power to make a Radical Impact in my community?
Well here’s the mission if you choose to accept it…

For the weeks of July 8-12 and August 12-16 from 10am – 1pm you are invited to join us at Mill Lake (Water Park Entrance – Emerson St.) to help support, strengthen and unify the community of Abbotsford.

Last summer our focus for summer outreach was to take church ministry out of the building and meet people in a common community space such as Mill Lake. We recognized when people felt there were no strings attached to neighbourly kindness they were more willing to open up, share life stories, struggles, areas they need support and be prayed with. Through all of this relationships were built. When we contacted the city to run this program again they were very excited to see this positive community outreach happen. We want to live out our mission statement: live a Changed Life, be a part of a Diverse Community and make a Radical Impact

Questions you may have:

Q: I don’t have young children at home. Am I encouraged to participate in this outreach?

A: Yes, everyone is encouraged to come out, have fun and be the good neighbour Jesus has taught us to be. When community children are playing, you are encouraged to join in or engage in conversation with other parents, grandparents or caregivers.

Last year Koen sat down a built a tower of blocks with two twin girls. While they were playing the girls began to open up about the struggles in their home. They told Koen their parents were in the middle of a divorce and they were living with their aunt. Koen was able to encourage and pray for them.

Another child wrote “I am not good” in chalk. One of the families who came out was able to sit with her and build her up. They made her feel important and valued.


Q: I am just a kid, what can I do to impact my community?

A: PLAY… be a friend. It’s easy to make a new friend during summer outreach because we have tons of games like, giant Bowling, giant Connect Four and giant Jenga. Do you get it yet? We are making a giant impact.

You have the ability to change someone’s day by just being kind!


Q: I’m not very good at sharing my faith. How can I be used to help?

A: Sometimes just sitting and having light conversation will allow you the time and a moment to share little bits of your faith. Pray about it, the Lord wants you to be a vessel for His work!


Q: I am gifted in creative ability, how can I serve?

A: We do so much more than just sports. We do colouring, beading and of course face painting. Face painting is a huge hit and we always need more volunteers to help with it.


Q: I am not able to commit to coming every day for the week. Should I still come?

A: Yes, park days run July 8-12 & August 12-16 from 10am – 1pm. Come when and as often as you can. You will be blessed


Q: Can I drop off my kids at Mill Lake Park without adult supervision?

A: No, we will not be responsible for childcare. You are welcome to drop off your kids if you feel they are able to be unsupervised and responsible for themselves.


Q: I enjoy helping, but not one on one. Can I still help?

A: Yes, there is set up/ take down and other logistics. We want you to come serve.

So let’s recap…
You are a superhero called into action to make a Radical Impact on the community around you, by using the strengths and gifts God has equipped you with. We hope you will accept the mission!
For more information contact Cyndi Broersma or New Life Office.