Q: How can I request a copy of this year’s Printable Church Directory?
To request a copy of this year’s Printable Church directory please click here: https://new-life.ccbchurch.com/goto/forms/63/responses/new and fill in this form.  When you have completed the form we will print one and put it in your mail slot at New Life.  Thanks!

Q: How important is providing a printed church directory to our members?
A: The church has always provided a printed church directory so that our members can connect in meaningful ways for ministry. The last printed directory we produced was in 2014. That was the same year we began to bring New Life Vine to the congregation. New Life Vine is our new online community and has the directory information and more – we stopped printed the directory then since all the info was within NLV. Some people still like using a printed Church Directory, so we began working to produce again from the information in New Life Vine. Hope you enjoy it!

Q: Why has it taken so long to produce this directory?
A: We produced this directory from the information in New Life Vine. We wanted to make sure that what is shown in the church directory is accurate and it has taken us longer than we expected to produce this. There were some technical challenges we ran into in getting the information from NLV into a nice format. We thank-you for your patience!

Q: What should I do if there is information that is not accurate in the Church Directory?
A: If it is your information, you may log into New Life Vine and update it. The changes will show up when a new directory is released. Or, you can email the church office and let them know and the next time the Church Directory is updated it will include the changes.

Q: Why do people need to fill out a Request Form to receive the directory?
A: We consider people’s personal information to be highly sensitive and private and treat it with utmost care. We want people to know their information is safe and will not be used for anything other than New Life Ministry. Also, privacy laws have tightened over the years and we need to abide by those. And people are much more reluctant (for good reason) to give our their personal information to someone they didn’t intend to.

Q: Why not print one for each member?
A: We will print one for each member that requests a Directory so we don’t waste paper. Many people use New Life Vine – our online community to get the information they need.

Q: What do I do if my personal information is in the church directory and I don’t want it in there?
A: Please email the church office and let them know, we will update the directory with the changes.

Q: Why are there not photos of people in this directory?
A: The reason we didn’t include photos is even though we took new photos this past fall at NLV Refresh, not everyone has a photo. Also there are some very old photos and we didn’t think people wanted those printed.

Q: How can we see people’s photos if they are not included in the Church Directory?
A: You can log into New Life Vine and go to a person’s profile and you will see the photo that they have uploaded.

Q: How often will the church update the Church Directory?
A: We plan to produce a new directory every year in the fall. In September we plan to do a New Life Vine Refresh – similar to what we did last September. When the refresh is complete we will produce a new directory in early October.

Q: Why do we ask people to not copy the directory?
A: If someone wants a copy of the directory then can fill out the Request form and the church office will get one for them. We do not want people to pass on the church directory to anyone who is not a member at New Life and who will use the information for anything other than ministry.