New Life Church was invited to gathered on Wednesday, June 8th at 7:30pm for New Life Live. The meeting was held in the auditorium at New Life and hosted by Board of Elder’s chair, Eric VanEgmond.

Eric began the meeting with prayer and offered guidance on the manner in which we communicate at New Life Live meetings. He encouraged openness and honest conversation and noted that when there is evidence of contrary behaviour, it becomes difficult to continue to have healthy dialogue.

Pastor Nathan presented a summary of the previous New Life Live in April where we went through a guided process to help us discern future priorities. There are positive steps forward as the Board of Elders works to create a new strategic plan.

Representatives from the Joshua House gave compelling presentations and testimonies on how God is using Joshua house to bring freedom from addictions.

Pastor Mike gave a presentation on the proposed budget. He walked through each portion of the budget and explained the ministry of the church. He fielded questions after the presentation. The budget financially supports the ministry of our congregation for the next fiscal year starting in September 2016. The budget was voted on Sunday, June 12th and passed with an 88% majority.

Eric then noted the communication that was received from the members of the church and discussed each. We closed in prayer and adjourned. We are grateful to God for his work in and through His church.