Mini Lights (ages 0-1)

Mini Lights is the nursery program at New Life Church that runs during our Sunday Morning Service. Our Mini Lights team values a safe environment for your children to play and interact with others.

Your infants and crawlers are a blessing to your family and the church community. Mini Lights provides a safe place for them to play and relate to other kids while parents are able to relax and enjoy the sunday morning service.

We respect the different attachment processes each family has with their little ones.  If it works best for you to keep your children in the auditorium for any portion of time on Sundays please feel free to do that. Be at ease knowing that Mini Lights is just one more option when you and your child are ready.  Your children belong in our community there is no leadership pressure for you to have your little ones downstairs to “avoid distracting” the service. When your child is in Mini Lights our care provider may page you using a 3-digit number that is flashed on the wall behind the preacher should you be needed for anything.

Safe Children
During various season of the year communicable viruses and bacteria will affect our children.  If your children are not well and exhibit signs of having the flu, colds, chicken pox, HFM, head lice etc, please keep your children with you during the service. Please also note that in order to keep Mini Lights a safe place for little ones we are required to maintain appropriate care giver to children ratios.  This means that there may be times that Mini Lights may not be able to receive your child into care. This is a practice that helps keep Mini Lights a safe place for your children.

For more information about New Life’s Mini Lights ministry
or if you would like to serve as a helper, please contact the church office.