Why the new Schedule? We are glad you asked!

The purpose of this newsletter is to explain to the congregation and participants of our GEMS and Cadets program the new changes ahead for the 2017-2018 ministry year. Essentially the big change is that Cadets and GEMS will now take place every other week on a rotating basis. The reasons for the change is three fold.

Firstly, we want to create a culture of sustainable volunteerism. The culture of volunteerism is changing as the culture around us places different demands on our schedules and available time as individuals and families. With life being the way it is, often ebbing and flowing in family schedules etc, fewer adults have time to serve in sustainable rhythms in the often multiple areas they are asked to volunteer.  For example, roles like head counsellors 10-15 years ago were commonly filled by one “super volunteer”.  We have had those kinds of amazing volunteers lead our ministries sustainably and well over the years and we are blessed by them.  However, these kinds of leaders are not as common as they once were. Now different parts of those roles are divided up among a cluster of leaders with various skills and passions who lead in a team dynamic.  These leaders are often also involved in multiple areas of ministry in the life of the church and outside of the church. We believe that rotating Gems and Cadets every other week allows for those interested in serving to thrive in ministry and in life.

Secondly, it gives each ministry maximum use of the facility. On any given night when GEMS and Cadets are both in the facility, space is at a premium.  ALL rooms are being used and even routes for moving groups around the building have to be planned out.  Rotating ministries every other week gives both GEMS and Cadets the full use of the facility.  This also provides us some new opportunities. For example, GEMS can now use the Cadets shop for craft space and Cadets can use the different classrooms that are now being used by GEMS ministry.

Thirdly ministry sustainability is a goal we want to strive for. Ministry sustainability considers the goals, values and sustainability of each ministry. The reality is both GEMS and Cadets are five year ministries. Unfortunately, in church ministry we sometime treat them as annual ones, believing we only have Oct-April to achieve certain program or annual event outcomes. We do not feel that offering families a jam packed ministry calendar of events that “just need to happen each year” is always in the best interest of families who are themselves struggling to come to grips with what sustainable rhythms of work (ministry) and rest look like in their world.  Our hope is that the rotating schedule provides our leaders opportunities to be discerning about what our key priorities are each ministry year.

Our key value for GEMS and Cadets going forward is building strong positive relationships between GEMS/Cadets and their adult leaders who loves Jesus Christ. In our GEMS and Cadets programs these adult leaders are able to mentor these young girls and boys through the study of God’s word, the development of unique sets of skills and talents and the beauty of structured and unstructured play.  Being able to bring those values forward in a sustainable way for our church ministry schedule is a goal for this next year.

If you have any further questions or comments please email either:

Koenraad Beugelink   kbeugelink@newlifecrc.ca

Cyndi Broersma   cbroersma@newlifecrc.ca