You are invited and encouraged to be part of a Life Group. A Life Group is a place where you can belong and be valued. Love and concern are given and received. Prayer and a Biblical or topical study are engaged in, and your spiritual and practical gifts can be used to benefit the group.

Life Groups are one of the best ways to join in the community of New Life Church in a way that is meaningful and lasting.

There are two types of Life Groups at New Life. The first are long term groups, these are groups which have been meeting together for many years and are enjoying deep community.  The other type of group is the fixed length group.  We offer those 3 times a year – once in fall semester, once in the winter semester and once in the spring semester.  We have signups for these groups before the beginning of each of these semesters.  We have open sign ups now for this spring.

If you would like more information or would like to find out about how to connect to a Life Group let us know by filling in this contact form: Interested in being part of a Life Groups?

If you would like more information about Life Groups at New Life you can also visit our Life Group page on our website: