Creating an Environment of Hospitality

This coming Easter is Invite Sunday! We are praying for you as you consider inviting your friends and family members to New Life for the Easter Service on April 1st. We are hoping and praying that people who are looking for God, a connection with His people, or someone seeking help or support will be invited to New Life.

Our hospitality reflects the hospitality of God who embraces all people with love and grace. Here are ten simple things we all can do to show hospitality on a Sunday Morning.

1) BE WILLING TO WALK  Too often guests end up having to park in the back of the parking lot because the closer spots are long gone.  Take the parking spaces near the back and leave the best parking spots for others. Don’t forget your umbrella.

2) LOOK FOR THE “LOST” LOOK  If someone looks like they don’t know where to go, then they probably don’t. Step out of your comfort zone and ask if you can help.  As an added challenge, don’t just tell them where to go, show them!

3) SHOW GUESTS AROUND  If you are bringing a guest or see a guest help them find their way in the building. If they have children, help them through the check-in process and show them where the children go.

4) BRING YOUR SMILE  A smile may be all a person needs to feel welcome. Guests feel more at ease when they see smiling people.

5) MOVE TO THE MIDDLE  Move to the middle of your row so guest don’t have to walk over you. Trying to find a seat is part of what is awkward for newcomers – it’s hard enough to come in and just sit down!  Your new spot will be terrific too.

6) MAKE THE FIRST MOVE  Guests may be overwhelmed by the newness of their experience. Trying engaging them in conversation, ask them about their family, their occupation, and what they do for fun.

7) REMEMBER THEIR NAME   Everyone likes to hear their name. Imagine visiting a church and on the second visit, someone you meet the week before calls you by your name? You would feel noticed, remembered and welcome!

8) HELP THEM FILL IT IN  We will invite guests to fill in a communication card during the service so that we can follow up with a personal welcome and a “thank-you for coming.”

9) THINK THREE  Challenge yourself to talk only to those you don’t know for the first three minutes after the service – that is as long it takes for guests to leave after church. We want to let them know they are noticed and welcome!

10) INVITE THEM BACK  When saying goodbye to a guest, it’s a simple thing to say, “Thank-you for being here. We’d love to have you come again!” Many people are looking for a place to belong. Let’s make New Life that place!