It was an exciting week at New Life since Dean Maerz began his new role as Worship Pastor.  Please pray for Dean and his wife Adeline as they join the New Life family!

Dean is beginning his role as Worship Pastor and he comes to us with extensive experience as a musician, teacher and pastor with years of experience in music ministry. Dean and his wife Adeline have recently sold their home in Langley and are planning on moving to the Abbotsford/Chilliwack area soon.  Dean will be serving in a part-time capacity (60%) and Amy Thiessen will dedicate part of her time assisting Dean with the worship ministry.

Dean’s heart is to be a worshipper of God and to be a mentor to those seeking to lead in worship. Most recently he has served with that passion in his role as Worship Director at Christian Life Assembly in Langley. He served there for 10 years. He also served in worship ministries prior to that in Coquitlam and in Calgary. Dean also taught Worship Ministry at Pacific Life Bible College, instructing students in the theology of worship as well as in music. As a musician he plays multiple instruments, writes songs, and has much experience in sound and recording technology.

Dean comes from a church background in the Evangelical Free Church (his father was a pastor). His passion in ministry stems from eagerness to disciple people, and to help them grow in their faith. As a pastor he loves to train up worship leaders not just as musicians, but also as followers of Christ. When you meet Dean, you will notice he is a person of depth, experience and loves the Lord.




As part of the interview process we asked Dean some questions.  We thought we would share the questions and his answers with you.


How did you get into music ministry and what kind of training did you receive to be a worship leader?

Dean: I have been involved in music ministry since I was a child. As a youngster, I learned to play multiple instruments and our family was always traveling and singing at different churches. To date, I hardly remember a Sunday that I wasn’t in the House of the Lord ministering in some way. I have also attended Bible School as well as many other training arenas. I also have a strong technical background.


Who is your role model or who are you most influenced by as a worship leader?

Dean: My role models are really not the big name worship leaders of our time but the ones who weekly exemplify the term “servant leader.” There are many of these in my life who pour their heart and soul out week after week for their church and congregations, never asking for accolades or glory in return. They selflessly give hours of their time to follow the leading of their hearts, worshipping when no-one is watching. These are my heroes.


How do you prepare for a typical worship service?
Dean: There is a yearly, monthly, weekly cycle to worship directing. The first step is to be in sync with the overall church leadership, goals, and vision. . . It is out of this environment that worship is released and prepared for in a church. Once direction is known for a certain service, preparation can begin. It is both mechanical (the practical element of deciding song etc.), as well as spiritual (preparing hearts of the worship team for leading in the worship service). This is done in an environment of prayer, community, and humility.


What is your philosophy of worship as a worship leader?
Dean: I don’t believe that a worship leader is the person out front doing the singing. I believe that every member of a worship team is a worship leader. A worship leader is a person who is first of all, a worshipper, and second, called to help lead the congregation into the presence of the Lord.


What do you expect from the congregation as you lead?
Dean: There is no real expectation that you can put on a congregation. They will respond as they have been taught, as is their culture, and as they have been encountered by worship. The journey with a congregation is one of trust, longevity, safety, and hunger for the presence of God. As this is established over time, they will respond to God and His presence in a deeper way.


When do you find your ministry most fulfilling?

Dean: When I am able to pour what I have into others rather than make it about myself.