GEMS AND CADETS REGISTRATION is open for the 2023-2024 ministry year! They each run from October-May every other Tuesday for kids in grades 3-7.GEMS is our girls program – which stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Saviour. Cadets is a boys program. If you have any questions about this program or the registration please talk to Sam Postma. Registration closes September 15, make sure you register your child as soon as possible and you can find the registration on our website.

SWITCHLIFE REGISTRATION Switchlife is our youth program for grades 8-12. They meet on Thursday evenings starting in September. Please register your youth, you can find the registration on our website. The kickoff event for Switchlife is Re:Activate which is September 8-10. Re:Activate is a youth conference put on by local CRC churches where they spend time doing activities, worshipping, being in community, and learning more about Jesus. It is awesome way to kick off the year. Email Jacob Visser if you have any questions.