New Life Ministry Plan Update

The Board of Elders has been meeting over the past few months to develop a future ministry plan for New Life.   It has been a busy time for the Board, but we would also testify to the blessing of coming together to pray, discern, discuss, plan and become excited about where God will lead New Life through this process.


June 2017

  • The Board hired Dave Blundell, ED of Hungry for Life to facilitate the Ministry Planning process
  • Board Retreat – Dave Blundell led the board through a process of reviewing our mission/vision statement, our core values and our strengths/weaknesses as a church. We also made plans for the congregation to participate through focus groups

September – October 2017

  • The congregation was invited to participate in focus groups that were held over three evenings in order to gather input around our three vision statements: A Changed Life, A Diverse Community, A Radical Impact.

December 2017

  • Dave presented the summary of the feedback from the focus groups to the Board of Elders

December 2017

  • The focus group summary and next steps were presented to the congregation at New Life Live

January – March 2018

  • The board and staff have met numerous times to develop a draft plan. There is a sense that the board and staff want to continue forward movement but not to fast and compromise prayer, discernment and wisdom.
  • Nathan O’Hare, one of the facilitators of the focus groups who works with Dave Blundell has helped to facilitate our planning meetings and guide our process.

We aren’t finished yet.   We’ve made great progress, but also have come to realize this is a big undertaking and want to do it well.

We will have something to present at our June meeting.  Our hope is that a draft of the plan will be complete, however if we find that our timeline is a challenge, we will continue to complete the finer details of the plan into the fall of 2018.

Together as a congregation, board and staff we have invested in this planning process and we ask that you continue to pray for the board and staff as we formalize the plan.

We would be happy to hear from you.   If you have further questions about the plan feel free to ask a Board member, or contact Pastor Mike ( or Pastor Nathan (