Family Fundamentals

Wisdom for Growing Your Family
May 08-June 19, 2016

Raising a family is challenging. But it’s also a great joy.

How can we rise up to the challenge, and at the same time grab hold of that joy? Is that possible?

One of the suggestions we pick up in our culture is that you just need the right expertise. It’s as if there is a special formula, or “these four secret steps” to family success.

The Bible doesn’t try to sell us that bill of goods, it is much more realistic than that. Just look at Bible stories that involve families, and you’ll know that the Bible isn’t trying to make your family look and behave in one particular pattern that will result in success. The Bible doesn’t suggest there is a guarantee. Rather, the Bible presents what we would call “best practices” that we can incorporate into all the different designs and choices that our families take.

By using the book of Proverbs (the Bible’s version of a “best practices” manual) we’ll examine the values and perspectives that are foundational to building up your family.