Dear New Life Family,

We are inviting you to participate in an exciting, long awaited project within New Life Church. 

We are in the process of upgrading our auditorium and today we are asking you to prayerfully consider giving to this project.  Your help will enable the church to move into the future to fulfill the ministry God has called us to.

New Life’s facility was built in the mid 1990’s.  Over the years the auditorium has mostly remained the same and recently we have begun some of the long-awaited upgrades.

Last summer we began with upgrading our stage lighting.  We removed the old stage lighting system and replaced it with new lighting that has been a wonderful improvement for the church.  Most recently we upgraded our video projection system to a larger and clearer screen.  We are very thankful for these upgrades and we are blessed that they were paid for from the church’s savings. 

Currently, we are focusing on painting the walls, improving acoustics and changing all the house lights.  The dark colored walls with the dim house lights will be changed! 

We are also eager to update the original bathrooms and change the flooring in the auditorium and we will pursue those projects at a later date after this current phase of upgrades is complete. 

The Board of Elders wanted to move forward with this project as soon as possible because it is convenient to do the work when the church isn’t meeting in the auditorium. 

We are asking you to prayerfully invest into New Life’s future by giving today to help offset the costs of upgrading our auditorium. 

If you donate to the Facility Upgrade Fund, all your funds will be used towards these long-awaited upgrades. 



Mike VanderKwaak
Executive Pastor