Dear New Life Family,

We appreciate the prayers that you have given for our neighbours involved in the Delair Fire.

Here is an update on the situation:
Delair Court Apartments has two buildings. The East Building caught fire and is completely destroyed.  All of the residents of the East building are permanently displaced and have lost all their belongs – over 40 families. The West Building did not burn and the families in that building are slowly moving back into their homes. All the families are devastated and are just beginning to realize the scope of their loss. They have been put up in a hotel by Emergency Social Services for four days at which time, they need to find their own way of living again.

New Life’s Involvement:

God’s love is shining through so brightly! We are so grateful for the overwhelming response to help with the DeLair Road fire victims. The families affected by this fire will be adding a new chapter of hope and compassion to their stories! A few weeks ago we had to opportunity to serve these victims by taking everything that was donated by the community and organzing it for the victims to look through. We had about 15 families come through and take anything they needed. It was such a awesome use of our big somewhat empty building. Thank you to everyone who used their weekend to sort all the donations.

2 Ways You Can Help:
1.  If you know of a basement suite or apartment that is available for rent, please contact Yolanda Apperloo at  She will forward your information to the point person organizing and matching accommodations to families.  Then he will connect with you for further details.
2.  Donate Money to the Delair Fire fund at New Life Church.  You can do this by writing a check to New Life, e-transfer New Life ( or drop off cash.  Make sure you specify that it goes to the Delair Fire Fund.  From here, New Life Deacon’s will use those funds to support the families and their needs.

Each family who has been hurt through this event has their own unique story of loss and grief to tell.  Let’s give them a new story of hope and compassion to rebuild their lives.  We thank you for you love and care for our neighbors who covet your prayers during this time.

We are so humbled by all the response we have received.  Many people offered rental suites and apartments, so many large items donations were received that MCC is packed full, the Salvation Army is filled to capacity with smaller household items and clothing, and so far between E.S.S., MCC, the Salvation Army, New Life Church and other donators, the families have received enough funding to be able to prepare the way to start their new journey, setting up their new homes, and picking up food hampers.  Organizers for the food hampers also called to express deep appreciation for the volunteers they had.

Yolanda Apperloo
Delair Fire Deacon Co-Ordinator