Dear New Life Family,

We want you to be aware of the new public health order issued this week by the province.  The new mandate requires mask-wearing in all churches and places of worship. This public health order has been issued to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in a season of increased risk.

New Life Church will be complying with this health order, as we have with other orders. We will require all participants who enter the building to wear a mask.  This applies to everyone age 5 years and older. The order requires that a mask be worn at all times while indoors, including while you are seated throughout a worship service, or while participating in any church ministry on location.

We are asking for your full cooperation on this public health order. We want to be a church that conveys sensitivity and concern for one another’s health, comfort and well-being. This is a call to relinquish our own “ambition …and in humility value others above yourself” (Philippians 2:1-4). If your mask wearing protects others, or even if it just makes them more comfortable, it demonstrates the kind of love that Jesus calls us to; he who washed other’s feet merely for their own comfort.

Let’s do all we can to characterize the New Life community in the light of God’s grace and mercy. Let’s be sensitive to person’s who may be more anxious about the virus, or who may be more vulnerable to contracting COVID-19. And please continue to practice the usual precautions of hand sanitization, social distancing, and staying home when experiencing cold symptoms.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Nathan