Dear New Life Family,
We have now been meeting for in-person gatherings each week since June 6. It’s wonderful to enjoy fellowship and each other’s presence. Please be mindful of public health recommendations that reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus: face masks, handwashing, and social distancing. Let’s also make sure we are caring for one another by respecting other people’s concerns, especially for those who are immune compromised.

Online Campus

A “blessing in disguise” resulting from the pandemic has been the opportunity to develop ministry with electronic media. The New Life Online Campus offers people a way to participate in the community and ministry of New Life Church where ever they are.  When you view a worship service online, for example, you can participate in the chat throughout the service and engage with others in fellowship as you worship. We are excited about this ministry platform and hope that it will continue to expand and serve as a tool for growing God’s kingdom. Videos of past worship services continue to be available as well.  All of it is available by going to

Facility Upgrade Project

Another blessing has been the opportunity to bring some necessary upgrades to the New Life auditorium. With a fresh coat of paint throughout the auditorium, a new projection system, and new stage lighting, there is quite a different look. New house lighting will be installed hopefully during the week of August 9, which should complete projects that we have planned. Not only were these upgrades over-due, but they also have allowed us to develop our media ministry (e.g. live streaming worship services).  Along side of these upgrades we have recently addressed rising security concerns for the facility. We have contracted with a security company to install cameras that will be monitored for dangerous activity in and around the premises. This upgrade should be completed by the end of August.

Serve 2021

Throughout 2021 we have been emphasizing the pillar of “serving” in our ministry plan.  Thank you so much for the ways you have participated and responded to the opportunities extended to us.  In the month of August we want to serve the Delair community around the church by offering hospitality, fellowship, and fun with Superhero Park Days at Delair Park (corner of Delair and Old Yale). We hope you come out to meet your neighbours. That’s happening Monday through Thursday, August 9-12 from 10am to 12pm.

Hopefully you’ve had opportunity for refreshment this summer. We are entering a new fall ministry season that will draw people to Jesus and help us follow him with all our heart.  Please keep all of the ministry start-up in prayer. We depend on your enthusiasm, volunteering, and support. Let us know how you are willing to help. God is doing a great work in and through us. Let’s grab hold of that work and celebrate his goodness together.

Serving Christ together,
Pastor Nathan