Church property outside has no flooding, there was extensive flooding in the surrounding area. We also have withstood some water damage in the basement of the church. Almost every part of the basement will need some kind of repair. A restoration company has already been in to evaluate and repair. We do not know how long the repairs will take. This means for the next little while our basement will be off limits.

If you are someone who would like to help practically, please contact Justin Dudney by email,, or call/text 604-768-8277. There are families who will need a variety of help: Meals, Cleaning, Removal of garbage, Light demo, Dump runs, Clearing barns, Etc. Justin, along with a leadership team from New Life, will be organizing work crews to help.

If you are someone who needs help, please contact Justin Dudney by email,, or call/text 604-768-8277. We will organize work crews to come out to you.

Other ways to help are to donate food to Archway Community Services at 2420 Montrose Avenue. You can donate clothing to Bible for Missions on 2337 West Railway Street. You can also give a financial donation to New Life Church and make sure you designate it to “Flood Relief.”

Please remain patient with us as we navigate this crisis. Please be ready to serve your neighbour when a need arises. We appreciate already the huge amount of support for the church family.