A Community Chronicle

October 27, 2019 – November 17, 2019

A “chronicle” is an account of something, but it’s not a word we use in conversational English. This may explain why, as some claim, the book of Chronicles is the most ignored book in the Bible. Yet an account can be important. For instance, in a court case, an account of events can determine the outcome. God’s people in the Old Testament were driven out of their “promised land”, place in exile to Babylon and were wondering about the worth of being the people of God. And perhaps in our own day and age we face the same kind of doubt. And perhaps we face the same temptation to just keep our head down, mind our own business, and just get by. But is that a true and worthy account of our existence? Chronicles helps us wrestle with that question.

What Can We Do For God?

by Nathan Elgersma | A Community Chronicle

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